Need Help Getting Ready To Be CMMC Compliant?

Future government contracts will require contractors and their subs to achieve a certain level of CMMC!

We can help implement the standards & compliance requirements to achieve your specific CMMC Level!

8 Steps to Take to Get CMMC Complaint


Identify the DoD CMMC maturity level you will need to achieve.


Define the scope of your CMMC environment.


Perform an assessment to evaluate compliance with the CMMC chosen level.


Create a System Security Plan (SSP) and Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M)


Remediate identified gaps and submit your score to SPRS.


Connect with a C3PAO to schedule your CMMC assessment.


Conduct ongoing compliance monitoring & maintenance.


Stay current with the latest CMMC rollout development.


The Defense Industrial Base (DIB) is increasingly targeted by sophisticated cyber threats. In response, the United States Department of Defense (DoD) has developed the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program. This initiative is designed to fortify DIB cybersecurity, ensuring the protection of critical government data being utilized and/or developed by vendors with contracts through the U.S. DoD and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). If stolen or lost, such data could have serious implications for national security should it fall into the wrong hands since much of it enables and supports the American military.

Jump Start Your CMMC Initiative!

Join the CMMC initiative to elevate your cybersecurity standards and protect sensitive information. Strengthen your defense against evolving cyber threats with CMMC!

Both prime contractors and subcontractors will require CMMC. Compliance ensures eligibility for future government contracts, aligning with data handling requirements.

CMMC Compliance: 17 Cybersecurity Domains
How To Comply & How Alpha & Omega Can Help


How to Comply: Establish who has access to your systems, control internal system access, and limit data access to authorized users and processes.

How Alpha & Omega Helps: We will establish and maintain a domain structure which uniquely identifies users, enforces security and CUI policies, and controls local and remote access. We handle the IT onboarding and offboarding of employees and grant and revoke access to your information and systems, whether on-premises or in the cloud.


How to Comply: Locate, identify and log inventory of all your company assets.

How Alpha & Omega Helps: Our automated tools constantly poll your internet connected computers. Hardware and softwa re inventories are provided on your schedule. We also track warranty and license expirations.


How to Comply: Have a process in place to track users that have access to your CUI and perform secure audits of those logs to ensure accountability.

How Alpha & Omega Helps: We will define your audit requirements, perform the audit, identify and protect your audit information, as well as review and manage your audit logs. We will maintain audited events for as long as you subscribe to the service.


How to Comply: Put security awareness training programs in place for all employees.

How Alpha & Omega Helps: We provide monthly phishing prevention training and regular employee security awareness activities.


How to Comply: Establish configuration baselines as a measure to judge the efficiency of your systems.

How Alpha & Omega Helps: We will establish your baseline configuration and perform configuration and change management tasks on an ongoing basis.


How to Comply: Ensure the proper roles within your organization have the correct level of access and can be authenticated for reporting and accountability purposes.

How Alpha & Omega Helps: We can ensure only users authorized by you have the credentials to access data and systems. We also handle all aspects of user account creation and maintenance.


How to Comply: Establish an incident response plan that detects and reports events, implement responses to a declared incident, post- incident reviews and test responses to measure your preparedness in the event of an attack.

How Alpha & Omega Helps: We will create an incident response plan, test the incident response plan, detect and report ongoing events, develop responses to declared incidents and perform post incident reviews.


How to Comply: Have a maintenance system in place to effectively operate your systems.

How Alpha & Omega Helps: System patches will be pushed on recurring weekly and monthly schedules. Zero-day vulnerabilities will be pushed within 24 hours.


How to Comply: Provide proof that your media is identified and marked for ease of access. Additionally, provide evidence that a media protection protocol, sanitation protocol and transportation protection is in place.

How Alpha & Omega Helps: We can help identify and mark all media, put process in place to protect and control media, and sanitize and protect media for transport.


How to Comply: Ensure all personnel will be properly screened and have background checks completed. Provide evidence that CUI is protected during personnel activity such as employee turnover or transfer.

How Alpha & Omega Helps: We provide customized onboarding and offboarding checklists to ensure your business process is reflected in user account management. Only designated client POCs can request changes to access.


How to Comply: Provide evidence of the physical security surrounding your assets and prove they are protected.

How Alpha & Omega Helps: While mainly a client activity, we can assist with system maintenance, vendor coordination, and best practice consulting.


How to Comply: Keep and log backups of media necessary to your organization, and log for the purpose of continuity and to mitigate lost data.

How Alpha & Omega Helps: We can automate backups on the schedule that meets your needs, by either adapting your existing systems to comply with CMMC or implementing a new, compliant system.


How to Comply: Identify and evaluate the risk that affects your company using periodic risk assessments and vulnerability scanning - both yours and your vendors.

How Alpha & Omega Helps: We can create Risk Management Plans and offer custom consulting for specific risk mitigations strategies and actions.


How to Comply: Put a system security plan (SSP) in place, define and manage controls and perform code reviews.

How Alpha & Omega Helps: We can create or update your SSP/POAM as part of a CMMC Readiness Assessment, during a discovery phase and/or as part of your on-boarding to Alpha & Omega services.


How to Comply: Establish a threat monitoring system to help keep your organization secure in the event of cyber incidents.

How Alpha & Omega Helps: Managed EDR and IDR with the 24/7 SIEM/SOC solution allows for rapid detection and mitigation of threats to your environment.


How to Comply: Define the security requirements of each system and communication channel you use to provide evidence that you have control of communications at system boundaries.

How Alpha & Omega Helps: We help define your requirements and then implement the tools, technologies, and processes to protect your systems whether on-prem or in the cloud - especially important in today’s remote workforce.


How to Comply: Identify and manage flaws with your system, identify hazardous and malicious content in-system, implement email protections and monitor your network and systems.

How Alpha & Omega Helps: Vulnerability scans and remediation, EDR, IDR and cloud-based email protections block malicious content, monitor your network, and alert the 24/7 SOC and Service Desk of any suspicious behavior.

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