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Google Moving to a More Secure Web

Sep 11, 2017   //   by netmon1   //   Tech Blog  //  No Comments

If your website has not yet migrated from HTTP to HTTPS, Google Chrome will mark your website as, “NOT SECURE.” The warnings are directed to owners of HTTP pages with password, search, contact, and credit card forms. The plan is its first step toward marking all HTTP sites as non-secure, though it didn’t provide a timetable for the undertaking.

Alpha and Omega recommends reaching out to your web developer to properly plan your website migration to secure HTTPS traffic.

Source: Google Security Blog

Verizon Data Breach Exposes 14 Million Subscriber Records

Jul 19, 2017   //   by netmon1   //   Tech Blog  //  No Comments

A security firm revealed Wednesday that information on millions of Verizon accounts was left exposed on an unsecured server, for 9 days.  The information consisted of the subscriber’s name, cellphone number, and the account PIN.  With these pieces of information, especially the PIN, an attacker could fool a customer service representative into giving them access to a subscriber’s account.  Verizon has not provided a way for customers to check whether or not their data was exposed, so the safest thing to do right now is to change your PIN.

It’s a simple process that only takes a few steps:

• Go to
• Sign in to your My Verizon account.
• Enter the new account PIN, then re-type the new account PIN in the designated box.
• Click Submit to confirm.

Source:  ZDNet – Verizon Data Breach

If you are concerned about your business security and want to increase coverage, please contact Alpha and Omega today!

NotPetya Ransomware Alert

Jun 30, 2017   //   by Cody Bruce   //   Tech Blog  //  No Comments





A new ransomware variant, labeled NotPetya, is currently sweeping across the globe.

This ransomware has been designed as a cyber weapon, instead of being used for financial gain. According to Kaspersky expert, Anton Ivanov, NotPetya generates a random infection ID for each computer, making the decryption process impossible. Even if victims would be able to contact the author, they still have no chance of recovering their files.

Please take extra caution when opening e-mails, browsing the web, etc.

Please contact Alpha & Omega for security solutions that will protect and prevent viruses like this.

Source: Bleeping Computer Surprise! NotPetya is a Cyber-Weapon. It’s not Ransomware


May 5, 2017   //   by Darryl Santa   //   Tech Blog  //  No Comments

Watch Out for Cyber Ninjas!


Due to poor processes and/or misconfigured software, payment card data can easily leak into networks, even those that shouldn’t store sensitive data.

Here are common places to look for hiding payment card data:


Google Chrome Releases Patch for Chome

Dec 29, 2016   //   by Enrique Rodriguez   //   Tech Blog  //  No Comments

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google announced it released 12 High Severity flaws in Chrome. They are urging Chrome user’s to update to Chrome version 55.2883.75 for Windows, Mac and Linux. Several of these flaws would allow for cross site scripting on the Chrome browser. US-CERT also issued a same day alert regarding vulnerabilities in conjunction with Google to stress the severity of these vulnerabilities. If you need assistance updating your Google Chrome browser please Contact Alpha & Omega at (714) 964-6932>

Apple releases Patch to Fix 97 Vulnerabilities

Dec 29, 2016   //   by Enrique Rodriguez   //   Tech Blog  //  No Comments



Apple recently released a patch for their Sierra MacOS which corrects 97 vulnerabilities. The update corrects vulnerabilities in ICloud, Itunes, Safari and the OS itself, this comes days after releasing dozens of other updates for the Sierra iOS. Apple is urging all iOS customers to update their Macs so that they will not be vulnerable. If you need assistance with updating your Mac or are unsure if it has been updated or not please contact Alpha & Omega at (714) 964-6932.

Google and Microsoft to Block Flash in Edge and Chrome

Dec 28, 2016   //   by Enrique Rodriguez   //   Tech Blog  //  No Comments
Adobe flash

Adobe flash

Both Google(Chrome) and Microsoft(Edge) released statements that they would be blocking Flash by default from the Chrome and Edge browsers. They are following suit with Apple and Mozilla who are already blocking Flash by Default. The move comes as Adobe released yet another patch to fix a Zero day Vulnarbility and many are moving towards HTML5 which is more secure. Microsoft will continue to monitor the usage of Flash on their Edge browser. Google stated that starting January user’s will be prompted to run flash on a site by site basis and by October all sites running flash will require permission. If you have questions or concerns about Flash on your PC or Network please contact Alpha & Omega at (714) 964-6932.

Window’s Patch for Windows 10 Dropping Wi-Fi

Dec 28, 2016   //   by Enrique Rodriguez   //   Tech Blog  //  No Comments

Windows 10

Windows 10

If you upgraded to Windows you might be one of the millions of users that are affected by your Wi-Fi connection randomly dropping. Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and has released a patch (KB 3206632) to address the issue. If you need assistance installing the update or finding out if you are affected by this issue contact Alpha & Omega at (714) 964-6932.

DNS Changer Exploit

Dec 28, 2016   //   by Enrique Rodriguez   //   Tech Blog  //  No Comments



Research company Proofpoint recently discovered an exploit that targets user’s routers and changes the routers DNS to point to the attackers infected servers. The attackers start by placing fake adds on legitimate websites and when you click on the add it will infect your router. D-Link and Netgear have been found to be the most vulnerable routers and easiest to infect. This vulnerability is not the same vulnerability that was discovered on Netgear routers several weeks ago. According to Proofpoint there than 166 router models being affected by this Malicious software. If you need assistance with patching or replacing your current router, contact Alpha & Omega at (714) 964-6932.

Windows 10 Dropping your Wi-Fi connection

Dec 28, 2016   //   by Enrique Rodriguez   //   Tech Blog  //  No Comments

Windows 10

Windows 10

Users have voiced their frustrations at Microsoft after users updated their PC’s to Windows 10 and now have issues with their Wi-Fi connection dropping on a regular basis. Below are the most common complaints about Windows 10 dropping the connection. A current temporary solution is to update the Drivers or if needed use an external adapter that compatible with Windows 10. If you need assistance updating your drivers or purchasing an external adapter contact Alpha & Omega at (714) 964-6932

1. No Wi-Fi is available on my computer after Windows 10 update.
2. Windows 10 Wi-Fi is not working.
3. How to connect Window 10 laptop with Wi-Fi?
4. There’s no Wi-Fi connection in Windows 10 on my HP laptop.
5. Why there is dreaded broken Wi-Fi after I installed Windows 10? Can’t access Internet.
6. My computer Wi-Fi is not working on Windows 10, 64 bit.
7. No Internet connection after upgrade to Windows 10. No wireless network connections or Wi-Fi.
8. No Wi-Fi adapter found after Windows 10 upgrade. Wireless adapter not showing up in Device Manager.
9. My Wi-Fi doesn’t work after upgrading Windows 8 to Windows 10. Why? Wi-Fi button on Windows 10 not working. Help.
10. My Wi-Fi stopped working after update to Windows 10. I have no WiFi settings, no Wi-Fi drivers, and even no sign of Wi-Fi.


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